How to Turn Your Bedroom into a Resort-Quality Oasis

 There’s something special about the perfect getaway, from the moment you wake up in a luxe hotel bed to when you come back to your room and curl up at night. As we’ve all experienced, resorts definitely have the ins and outs of comfort figured out. But for those who crave a bit of extra luxury and coziness at home (and who among us doesn’t?), the question of how to make your bedroom an oasis is definitely achievable, all with a few simple touches. Read on to learn how to bring a bit more paradise to the everyday.

Focus on the Important Things

When you think of the most salient features of a great resort, a few things probably come to mind: excellent service, luxurious towels, and comfortable furnishings. When it comes to how to make your bedroom an oasis in the style of a resort, there are two main places to start: great bedding and great lighting. As you undertake your bedding makeover, opt for hotel quality sheets (we recommend luxury Supima® cotton) and consider adding a couple more pillows for a true resort feel. As you choose lighting, lean toward lamps and recessed lighting options that emulate natural light, and be sure to include lights with a lower level of brightness or dimming capabilities for that “mood lighting” effect.

Less Is More

White luxury bedding set with monstera plant next to bed

One thing you’ll notice in any luxury hotel room is an absence of clutter. A key step in how to make your bedroom an oasis is to remove anything that feels like excess, and opt for minimalist storage solutions so your bedroom feels clean and bright. For bedding, choose solid colors and high-end textures, and don’t forget an elegant, neutral-toned duvet set. Aim for simplicity in secondary decor, and toss anything that feels more like a college dorm than an executive suite.

Don’t Forget the Details

Achieving that relaxing resort feel may start with a bedding makeover, but it ends with the little things. Creating a hotel-grade bedroom may be as simple as treating yourself to a new vanity mirror, air purifier, or a luxurious bathrobe. Meditate on the features you loved most about your favorite hotel stay, and then track down the approachable luxury brands you can trust. You deserve it!

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