Bedding 101: Washing Your Duvets

A duvet can serve as the perfect finishing touch to any bedding set, but for many of us, the question of how to wash a duvet can be daunting. Does it follow the same general rules as washing sheets and blankets? Is machine washing safe? Which settings should I use? Should I just panic and outsource to a dry cleaner?

Before jumping into anything rash, take a deep breath: as it turns out, the question of how to clean a duvet is a lot easier than many of us might think. To help you get started, here’s a quick, simple guide on how to wash a duvet, from start to finish.

1. Take Your Duvet Cover Off. First, you’ll want to take off the duvet cover from your duvet. Find the opening to your duvet cover and untie or unbutton it to leave a free opening. Pull your duvet insert out of the cover. This can be tricky but if you start at one corner, pinch the duvet cover, and pull from the opposite end, it should come right out.

2. Know Your Fabrics. Not all duvets are the same and one of the biggest distinctions is fabric types. The rules for how to wash a duvet can vary significantly based on the materials that your duvet is made from. Start by consulting the tag or website page for the product, which should contain care instructions.

3. Treat Stains First. Before your duvet cover hits the washing machine, identify any stains that you’ll want to treat in advance. Use a gentle spot cleaner or stain removal stick to address problem areas to maximize results and avoid heartache later in the process.

4. Keep It Gentle. From temperature to detergent, gentleness is key when you’re washing a duvet. Make sure your laundry detergent is free from harsh chemicals and bleach that could affect color and texture, and ensure that the washer is set to cold or warm water only.

5. Rinse Thoroughly. A key element is to ensure that all detergent is thoroughly removed during the washing process. Use an extra rinse cycle to cover your bases.

Gryphon Home Comfort Washed Duvet Cover Set

6. Dry with Care. Much like the rules for how to wash a duvet, how to dry a duvet is dependent on the fabrics in play. Consult the tag, care instructions, or manufacturer’s website for any special notes. Generally, many duvets are safe to machine dry. They can be tumble-dried on the lowest possible heat. Consider washer/dryer balls (even a pair of tennis balls will do the trick!) to effectively increase agitation and keep things moving in the machine. Check your machine periodically and rearrange and fluff the bedding throughout the drying cycle to avoid wet spots. Air drying in a clean, dry area is also an option to reduce wear on duvets.

7. Wash & Dry Your Duvet Cover. Sometimes the care instructions may vary from your duvet to your duvet cover. If this is the case, follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully on how to wash and dry a duvet cover. Once they are both clean and dry, you’ll want to place your cover back onto your duvet.

8. Put Everything Back Together. There are several tried and true methods for putting a duvet cover back onto your duvet insert. We have found one particular method to be the most simple. First, you’ll want to find the opening of your duvet cover. Turn the duvet cover inside out and lay it flat on your bed. Lay the duvet directly on top of the cover. Tie or button all four corners of the duvet to the cover. Roll the cover and cover together. Invert the duvet cover opening around the ends. Secure the duvet cover opening and unroll the bundle in the opposite direction.

At Gryphon Home, we love providing the best in contemporary luxury bedding, and are always happy to answer our customers’ questions about how to wash a duvet, sheets, and more! Stay tuned to our blog or get in touch at for the products and support you need.

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